Better late than ever, start lending today

I´ve been talking earlier about as a channel between funds, microfinance institutions and entrepreneurs. And finally i´m also a proud lender, one hour ago i started with a small loan of $25 to a group working with animal sales in Uganda! It´s a big group of entrepreneurs that wants to expand their business in selling goats, i wish them luck and hopefully their complete loanrequest is raised soon.

In times when stockmarkets are falling

Almost everywhere around the world the stockmarkets have been falling in the last time, due to things like banks loosing money in subprime loans.

But not everything are loosing value nowadays. The microfinance industry is developing and more traditional financial institutions are opening their eyes for microfinance because they starts to see the huge opportunities. Investing in microfinance and helping people start busiensses means profits for both the lender and borrower. It´s a stable and secure investment since the repayment rates of the loans are on a average close to 100%!